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About Me


Hello! I am Abi and I am a Filipino illustrator born in Brighton, I've just got back from a 2 year stint living in Los Angeles but now currently residing back along the British seaside.


I took the leap to become a freelance illustrator and loving it, the world is a colourful place and needed to be explored!


My love for illustration came from a young age where I would always have colouring pencils and sketchbooks on me and also my dad would photocopy Where’s Wally pages for me to colour in.

The creative love grew into animation where I became fascinated with Disney and the way they could bring anything to life just by drawings, so went on to study traditional animation and film at The Arts Institute at Bournemouth (now known as Arts University Bournemouth)


After uni I became obsessed with Harry Potter and really, really wanted to work on the movies – so I did! (one of my biggest personal achievements to date) and moved to London where I stayed for just over 8 years.  I was working in production for a VFX company but could feel my creative side slowly disappearing so thats when I thought its time for a new challenge (it’s now or never, right?)


So here we are now, my first love is working on children’s picture books but I also make stationery and digital prints. I have been lucky enough to have my designs featured on baby grows and tote bags too. Whilst living in London you could sometimes find me hiding behind my products selling at Camden Market or Duck Pond Market in Richmond. I also recently took part in 2018 Sketch for Survival campaign and had my worked toured with Real Africa which went around the world to raise money and awareness to endangered species.


So, if you’re looking for a special illustration or have something especially in mind or would like to work with me, or just want to say hi then please do! send me a lovely email at [email protected] or use the contact form on the next page and I will be sure to be in touch.


Represented by the lovely Plum Pudding illustration Agency


Thank you!


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